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About the development story of Brighting


The story of our company’s development and growth is fascinating and interesting. At the beginning, we made gambling tables. Later, because many customers wanted gambling table accessories, we gradually added accessories to supply full gambling table sets. Then there is a guest ask if we have dice, we  find the samples sent it to the guests, in communication and information collection, we found that the dice is not our conventional known,  he has different colors, different size, different shape, different sides, more exciting is that you can do different pattern, looks really express it. We have great interest of the products, we start in this direction constantly explore the guest, and then during the process, a guest asked us to form a complete set of dice with pawn , we have developed the pawn , and then asked our bags, we have developed plastic bags, flannel bags, and the guest has asked us alert, we have developed the outer, paper, Plastic, what’s more exciting is that a customer asked us to help her with cards, dice, and instructions, and then the customer asked for a plastic base, OH, my GOD, a complete set of dice toys came out.

When we discovered this way, we were excited, it seems we find our future . And yes ,  after 15 years of testing and selection and developing ,  we provide a stable one-stop supply of dice games. We take quality and service as spirit, more and more customers around the world flock to us, together with the development and research of dice related games.

Become dice game king is our ideal, we hope that when customers think of purchasing dice and accessories, the first time they think of us. We are willing to work hard for this goal.

Come on , Join us create  more and more interesting dice game.

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