Learn Dice Control

If you’re the shooter or want to become it, you’ll need to learn proper dice control. No one likes to wait for the shooter to set his dice, so the faster you become, the better.
It’s common among dice controllers to start with three on top of both dice. Of course, it’s unnecessary to do that, but shooters like to begin with their dice showing the same number.
That’s a common principle among shooters, so no one will get alarmed or think you’re controlling the dice.
Aside from the numbers you choose to show, the dice should both be positioned so the diagonal lines that the three spots form are aligned in the same direction. This takes some practice to grasp, so trying with yourself at home may be a wise decision.
To shoot, hold the dice between your thumb and forefinger, then swing your arm as a pendulum would move and release. The dice will then be shot in an arc, and the fewer rotations they make, the better. So, try not to add any spin on them.
Both dice should also stay close together as they move in the arc. When they get far from each other, they’ll probably bounce in different directions as they land, which doesn’t exactly say the shooter is an expert.
The dice should hit the back wall, then bounce on the table. That’s why you need a solid surface with a back wall for street craps.
It’s not recommended for the dice to bounce multiple times. Instead, the perfect roll should cause the dice to hit the wall, jump once on the table, and stop.

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